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Software List

some cool stuff you can try out

software minimalist starter pack

light, extensible, and (mostly) terminal based

Arch Linux / Void Linux - daily driver machines

dwm - suckless window manager; literal software perfection

dwmblocks - status bar

st - suckless terminal emulator

dmenu - application launcher and general purpose menu goodness

slock - suckless screen lock

bash - i don't run zsh since i like gnu readline a lot (also it's installed like everywhere)

vim / neovim - vim for general text editing and neovim for it's lsp when working on bigger projects

brave - web browser (chrome based, also comes with builtin ad-blocker), i try to keep extensions to minimum running only vimium and dark reader

qutebrowser - minimal and highly customizable browser with vi keys

zathura - pdf reader (doesn't read from Xresources for some reason so it's a bit annoying to customize; I made a blog post)

sxiv - image viewer

mpv - video player (can also play videos from urls); also can invert video (so you can watch lectures without eyes bleeding)

mpd + ncmpcpp - music

newsboat - rss reader

lf - file manager (this is basically ranger but not written in python), i don't actually use visual file explorers very much :P

btpd - bittorrent daemon

taskell - todo list with vim keys; however, it's written in haskell with 10000000 dependencies

sxhkd - hotkey daemon

tiramisu + herbe - notifications

productive soydev starter pack

software here has shifted focus from simplicity to productivity

PopOS - decided to try a DE for once, having some performance issues but that might just be my fault

emacs - pretty great as an IDE, i use evil-mode since i'm still a vim fanboy

nushell - modern take on a shell that features structured data

bat/exa/ripgrep/delta/fd - rustification of common shell utilities, i used to think that rewriting everything in rust was cringe but i enjoy the modern features now